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Pyronix Enforcer - Medical Emergency System

Utilising the Pyronix Enforcer V10 control panel the system can be used as a Medical Emergency / Hold Up Alarm.

Using the fully portable Wireless Panic / Medical Emergency Fob in the event of an emergency a simple press of both buttons activates the alarm causing the internal and external sirens to operate, thus notifying those in the locality of an event, the system will also send an audio message to those nominated to have the Pyronix Pro Control app installed on their phones.

If WiFi is an issue then the system can have a GPRS + Data Sim installed instead of the Wi-Fi module thus ensuring full operation in the event of broadband / Wi-Fi failure.

The Medical Emergency / Hold Up Fob is ideal for the elderly or infirm, it can summon help in the event of an emergency giving you peace of mind, it also comes complete with a lanyard for comfort and safety.

The system can also be expanded with a whole range of devices from the Pyronix Range. From PIR's to Shock Sensors, Smoke Detectors to Water Sensors, the possibilities are endless!

Contact Samphire Security for further information

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