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Going Back To Work? Taking A Holiday?

More and more people are starting to return to work after the last 12 months of lockdowns, more properties empty during the day, more targets for thieves!

If you are considering upgrading your home security then please consider contacting Samphire Security for your no-obligation quotation.

We supply and install the latest security alarms from Pyronix, including the Award-winning Enforcer wireless security system and the Euro46, a security system that can use both wired and wireless technology and can be built to suit your exact requirements. Both systems benefit from full smartphone connectivity keeping you informed via notifications and alerts.

We also install both Hikvision and QVIS ADATA CCTV Systems, 5Megapixel Cameras with infra-red night vision, to the latest ColourVue Cameras, with a built in LED light that's on from dusk until dawn, the ColourVue Cameras capture full colour images 24/7.

Contact Samphire Security for further information.

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