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Going On Holiday? Returning To Work?

With government restrictions being slowly lifted people are now returning to work and looking at taking a well earned holiday. So who's watching your property when you're not at home?

At Samphire Security we can install you the latest Security Alarm and CCTV Systems to ensure your property and possessions are protected 24hrs a day. All systems have the option for smartphone connectivity so you can keep an eye on what's going on at home. Smart Security Alarms will send you notifications as to when your security system is being set or unset and by whom. In the event of an activation you receive a voice notification advising you.

With the latest CCTV you can set up Line Crossing and Area Motion Detection, with notifications and video sent direct to you smartphone for you to check and verify each event, all through one smartphone application.

For more details, a free site survey and quotation please book a quote by clicking 'Request Quote'

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