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Going Somewhere Nice?

Now the government are starting to ease restrictions and more people are returning to work or going on a well deserved holiday, homes are being left unattended for longer periods of time giving thieves greater opportunities to break in to unsecured and unprotected buildings.

At Samphire Security we provide free site surveys and quotations, offering you advice as to how best protect your property and possessions in the most cost effective way.

We only install Professional Security Alarms and CCTV equipment all backed by a TWO YEAR manufacturers warranty.

We only use the best products and accessories, from Full Copper CCTV cabling giving excellent video signal transfer to fully compliant Security Grade 2 Environmental Class 2 Security Alarms, using award-winning technology. All systems can be controlled via your smartphone on just ONE APP!

Samphire Security are also certified by QVIS, Hikvision and Pyronix so you can be confident that your equipment has been installed and set up to give you years of trouble free service.

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