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The Enforcer Security Alarm - The Award-winning home protection system from Pyronix

The Pyronix Enforcer offers much more than a simple home security alarm, with its built in WiFi communications you have full control of your home security via your smartphone. From setting and unsetting the system to receiving notifications of all events, you have complete control.

With a wide range of peripheral devices available such as DualTech detectors for garages and outbuildings, using Dual Technology to eliminate false alarms, to Smoke & CO2 Detectors , discreet Shock Sensors for perimeter protection enabling you to activate the system whilst occupied.

The new Vehicle Defender protects your car, van or motorhome when parked on your property. The Pyronix Enforcer can be configured so as the Vehicle Defenders can be set as one of the 4 Configurable Zones enabling you to protect your vehicles whilst the remainder of the system is unset ensuring you are notified immediately in the event of activation.

The Pyronix Enforcer is also compatible with Pyronix Smart Plugs which can be programmed to switch on plug in devices such as table lamps, to give the impression the property is occupied, all controlled from your smartphone.

For further information and your free, no obligation quotation contact Samphire Security today!

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