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Lighter Nights

The clocks  have gone forward and we now have more daylight in the evenings.

Keep out the Spring thief and prevent insecure burglaries.

• Do not leave windows and doors insecure − and try to keep windows closed in rooms that are unoccupied, especially ones on the ground floor

• There have been incidents of opportunists stealing items from a home whilst the owners have been in the back garden

• Protect yourself against opportunist thieves − don’t leave valuables on show through windows and certainly not within reaching distance of an open window

• Don’t leave items in open porches or vestibules that could potentially be used by thieves to access your home, as thieves could try to open doors or ‘hook’ keys through letterboxes or cat-flaps

Message Sent By

Peter Sturgeon (Police, Engagement Officer, Coventry)

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