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Pyronix Security Alarm & Hikvision CCTV - 2 Systems - 1 Smartphone App!

If you are thinking of upgrading your home security please consider the award winning Pyronix Enforcer, the industry leading Wireless Security System using 2 way wireless technology, fully Grade 2 security compliant.

The Pyronix Enforcer has a number of peripheral detection equipment available, from Pet Friendly PIRs, DualTech Microwave / PIR Detection that eliminate false alarm triggering in areas with fluctuating temperatures such as Conservatories an Garages, to Shock Sensors and External Detection, Smoke, CO2 and Water detection.

The system can be set / unset by manually inputing your unique pin code, or using a proximity tag fob, ideal for the younger or older members of the family.

The system can also be operated via your smartphone, giving you options to set and unset and monitor activity with push notifications keeping you informed of system activity.

With Pyronix being part of the Hikvision group of companies you can now have both your Security Alarm and CCTV System on one smartphone app. Pro Control+ gives you full control of both systems enabling you to monitor your property worldwide.

For further information or your free, no-obligation site survey and quotation contact Samphire Security

Tel:07899 747 284

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